My Story

Hi, my name is Agi, and I’m the founder of Your Personal Cook in Andalucia. Here’s a little more information about me. 

I was born in Poznan in Poland, where the humble potato plays a large role in most people’s daily diet and is used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

My love of cooking stems from early childhood when I used to help my grandmother in the kitchen. I enjoyed watching her bake, especially when the cake was finally in the oven and I got the mixing bowl to lick clean 🙂 

We were very fortunate because our family had a large garden full of lovely fruits and vegetables which my grandmother magically transformed into delicious jams, marmalades, compotes, salads and other preserves for the winter. Crunchy, sour cucumbers were my favourite accompanied by a slice of fresh Polish bread and butter.

Moreover, when visiting family in various parts of Poland I was exposed to different dishes – still home-cooked – and was always curious and asking questions about the recipes.

I pursued a variety of careers but soon came to the realisation that cooking was in my blood and was something I wanted to concentrate more on.


In my 30s, I moved to England, and an exciting new world of different foods and cuisine opened up to me. I was fascinated by English, Italian, Indian, and many other cultures of cooking, which were all unfamiliar to me. Here I spent some time working for an Iranian family which helped expand my repertoire of new dishes.

Sometime later, I decided to move to Spain where initially I worked in a Spanish restaurant, eventually relocating to a rural cortijo, where I worked as a cook mostly creating vegetarian food. I currently live in the scenic province of Jaen, in southern Spain, where I started Your Personal Cook in Andalucia.

Cooking is my life passion and I get immense please from feeding others and seeing them smile with happiness.

My aim is always to cook delicious food, which is full of flavour, looks amazing, and, in the main, is healthy. I focus mostly on vegetarian and vegan food, constantly looking for innovative ways to prepare colourful and nutritious dishes (although I am happy to provide fish and meat dishes when required). I love experimenting with recipes, changing them, and trying out new and exciting ingredients that result in something completely new and delicious.

I'd love to become your personal cook in Andalucia

Besides Jaen province (where I am based), I also cover coastal and inland Malaga and Granada provinces, so please get in touch if you’re interested in my catering service.