How Your Personal Cook Service in Andalucia Works

The food is prepared and cooked in your chosen venue, whether it be your home, a getaway vacation villa or a private retreat. Please note, however, that the maximum number of guests I can cater for is 20. From celebratory dinners for families or friends to all-day menus for busy groups, I’ve got it covered.

Enjoy one of my sample menus or allow me to customise a menu according to tastes and preferences (as well as dietary requirements such as gluten-free, or allergies). All dishes are made from the finest ingredients and cooked from scratch.

Here’s how the personal cook service in Andalucia works: 

Step 1

The procedure starts by contacting Your Personal Cook to check availability on the date you have in mind. That being the case, we’ll toss around some ideas so I can plan a menu based on fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. 

Step 2

I’ll get back with a few sample menus and prices that you can choose from or mix and match as you prefer. Once you’ve settled on a menu and paid a deposit, we need to agree on a time. I’ll also need to ask some questions about the kitchen equipment, etc. or depending on your location, I can drop by and take a look.

Step 3

I will do all the cooking and arrive at the venue a few hours before to prepare and cook the food and set the table. The dishes will be served by myself with an explanation of each one to the diners.  Once the last dish has been served, I tidy and clean the kitchen area, leaving it neat and tidy as I found it.

What to expect?

A friendly but discreet personal cook service in Andalucia dedicated to ensuring you and your guests have the best time without worrying about shopping, cooking, cleaning, and spending hours in the kitchen.